April 27, 2006

30th Anniversary

This is what we do on anniversaries. The world briefly stands still as we ponder the past and speculate the future. It is a time to look back on things we might have done differently and things of which we are proud as we approach the future with renewed and recharged levels of Energy, Determination and Optimism.

It has been said that ‘Growing old is inevitable...growing UP is optional.” Our growth has put our staff at its largest in thirty years. It has required us to both re-think and re-shape the way in which we work. We at Silverman & Light, Inc. plan not only to be a seed planted in our industry’s history but also to forge headstrong into the future!

It is our goal to maintain our youthful attitude and combine our years of experience with our compassion for new ideas to enable us to be at the forefront of the future.

Thanks to all of you who were able to join us in celebrating this once in a lifetime event. We hope we can continue to grow and cultivate the relationships that have allowed us to reach this milestone.

Thirty years seems like a lifetime….Here’s to another thirty years.